What I offer:

Thanks for joining me!  I offer a few services (fill in my ‘Contact Me’ form on ‘Contact’ page for what you’d like), such as:

Receive Reiki Healing Via Distance – For this I simply need your full name/email address/location i.e. UK or USA etc../any health concerns or is it just for general well being.  This service is a one off type, simply email me when you require one distance healing session.

I’ll Create A Custom Reiki System – This is ideal if your Reiki Level 3, not quite Level 4 or if your new to creating Reiki systems yourself.  At Level 3 you can receive Reiki attunements from anyone, but can’t yet create your own.  Once your Level 4 you can create your own.  For this I simply need your full name/email address/basic idea of what you want Reiki system to cover.

Regular Reiki Healing – Same as first option, just on a more regular i.e. weekly basis.

Attunements To Reiki Level 4 – New to Reiki?  Not even been attuned to Level 1?  For this I simply need your full name/email addressI’ll give you the info & attunements needed to get to Level 4.  With Reiki Level 1 – You can self heal, work on friends/family/pets & you’ll have the use of 1 symbol.  With Reiki Level 2 – You’ll be able to heal anyone, start your own Reiki business, do distance work & you’ll have the use of 2 further symbols.  With Reiki Level 3 – You’ll be able to receive attunements from any other Reiki Healer, you’ll be able to attune others to the levels you’ve been attuned to & you’ll have the use of 1 more symbol.  You’ll now also be termed as a Master/Teacher.  With Reiki Level 4 – You’ll be able to do all the previous aspects, but also now will be able to create your own systems from scratch.

Happy with my work?  I work mostly on a donation basis.  So simply send something (what you think service is worth) to: http://paypal.me/reiki30.  Please state in ‘Note to Seller’ type section that it’s a donation for services.


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